Glorious Rituals



Hi there!


The train stopped;   he stepped onto the platform
and rushed out into the sunshine.
He mingled with the other commuters going to their
work places.

His fresh olive skin and inquisitive brown eyes
were very attractive. 
He was dressed in his blue modern business suit,
showing off his square shoulders;
his female colleagues were always so temped to flirt with him.
Entering his office he looked at the new girl.
“I think she is gorgeous” Bo said.  “I know,
but she’s too much for you”
he replied.  “I can have her any time I wish”…..
Men’s nutritional needs are equally important as women’s.
For the man to be able to lead a healthy and full life,
he needs to take the necessary nutrition for the specific need.
Here are some vital foods men should consume regularly
to enhance the specific areas:




Mighty Muscles


1)   Salmon:

It contains Vitamin D, which is necessary for the body
to absorb Calcium needed for muscle contractions.

2)   Beef:

It contains Creatine, which is needed for the muscles
to produce energy.

3)   Pineapple:

It contains Bromelain, an enzyme to help digest proteins.

4)   Red/Black Grapes:

They contain Resveratrol, a powerful anti-oxidant to
reduce inflammation.

5)   Rice & Oat Bran:

They contain Phosphorus, which is needed by the body
to produce ATP and reduce Lactic Acid.

6)   Avocados:

An all-essential-nutrient dense food containing most
Vitamins and Minerals.


Powerful Libido


1)   Nuts & Seeds:

They contain Magnesium, which could prevent
premature ejaculation.

2)   Sweet Potatoes:

They contain Vitamin A to ensure testicular health.

3)   Watermelon:

It contains Citrulline, and amino acid which can
relax the blood vessels.

4)   Broccoli:

It contains Indole-3-Carbinol, a chemical which
reduces oestrogen levels in the body.

5)   Celery:

It contains Androsterone, a pheromone boosting hormone.

6)   Liver:

It contains Zinc to increase testosterone levels in the body.


Glorious Mood


1)   Chicken:

It contains Tryptophan, which the body uses to
produce the feel-good serotonin.

2)   Wild Salmon:

It contains the mood boosting Omega 3 oils.

3)   Kiwi:

It contains Vitamin C, which helps reduce stress levels.

4)   Pistachios:

They contain Vitamin B6 to produce the feel-good serotonin.

5)   Spinach:

It contains Folic Acid, which assists with mood disorders.

6)   Black Chocolate:

It contains Manganese, a mood stabilizing mineral.




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