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The largest part of the earth’s population consists
of adult women.
It has been recorded that females outnumber males.

The secret to mature successfully is to live in the
present and be active physically and mentally.
After 40 our skin loses its firmness and becomes dry.

The natural way to keep our skin as youthful as
possible is to eat the right foods and drink the right
fluids to prevent Free Radical damage.


Divine Crop


 Aim to eat the following foods on a regular basis:

1)    Yellow and Red Bell Peppers

The top sources of Vitamin C, which assists
in our skin’s collagen formation.

2)    Sweet Potatoes

The richest vegetable source of Vitamin A, which prevents
the break-down of our collagen.

3)    Carrots

The top source of Beta Carotene to prevent premature ageing.

4)    Wild Salmon

One of the richest sources of Omega 3 fatty acids, to
lubricate and strengthen our skin cells.

5)    Green Tea

A great source of Catechins, which prevent oxidation
and sun damage.


SeedsSweet Potatoes


Eggs SBread


6)   Tomatoes

The top source of Lycopene, to protect skin cells from damage.

7)    Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A top source of Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids, to improve
circulation for better skin texture.

8)    Sunflower Seeds

A very rich source of Vitamin E, which prevents skin ageing.

9)    Spinach

One of the best sources of Potassium, to regulate the
fluid and nutrient balance in our cells.

10)  Eggs

A  very good animal source of Lutein, to improve skin elasticity.

11)  Whole Wheat Bread

A rich source of Niacin, which may assist in our
body’s collagen production.

Also the fibre stimulates the growth of the beneficial
bacteria in the intestines.

Free radicals produced in our bodies from the sun and
physical as well as emotional stress damage our skin
in an unrepairable way.

The solution is Prevention!




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