Phoenix Reborn!


Hi there!


The day began hot with a bright sunshine.
After walking down the stairs 
we stopped outside the gates.
“Do you want me to give you a lift home?”

he asked.  “I’m happy to walk” she replied.


He took her arm and headed for the shady park.
They walked casually towards
the pond and sat down on a bench.
She turned and looked into his eyes.

He looked shy and sensitive…..


Bronzed skin is not only healthy-looking and very attractive
but also it is the body’s mechanism to protect itself against burning.

However protecting ourselves from the sun completely is
harmful because we need the Vitamin D to optimise our health. 

The only natural source of this vital nutrient is the sun’s UVB rays,
which convert the cholesterol in our skin to Vitamin D.


No matter what our age is, we need to expose parts of our body 
to the sun for 20 minutes at least three times per week without any sunscreen.
This will be enough to build up the Vitamin D stores in our bodies.


With steady moderate exposure  over time our body will build up resistance
to the ultraviolet light.


Depending on the country we live this exposure should be done according to 
the strength of the sun’s rays, so we do not burn ourselves.



Sun Exposure


1)   Put a high SPF sunscreen and smooth it on gently until it is well absorbed;
even when it is cloudy, because UV light passes through the clouds.
Re-apply as necessary.

2)   Wear a wide-brimmed hat to protect the head and fact.

3)   Wear dark wraparound glasses to protect the eyes.

4)    Eliminate stress to keep your immune system strong.

5)   Take anti-oxidant supplements (Vitamins A, C, E and Selenium)

6)   Eat anti-oxidant foods for extra protection.

7)   Protect the lips with a high SPF lipscreen.

8)   Sit in the shade to cut, at least, half of the UV burning exposure.





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