Bold Challenge!


Hi there!


Make-up is powerful.
If it is used in the right way it can maximise our appearance,
and minimise our age.
At any stage of our life it can emphasize our strong points,
and make us look fresh and attractive.


The problem is that our old habits really die hard.
With the passing years our skin appearance changes by losing
moisture and having less colour.
Many of us keep on wearing the same make-up as we used to
wear when we were in our twenties and thirties.


Consequently we look more tired and older than we are.
We do need to adjust to our new situation and use cosmetic
products only to restore a youthful look.
I like make-up very much and I used to wear a lot when I was younger.
Now I have reduced it to what is necessary to emphasize my strong points only.


Makeup Basket


Lose the Years


1)  Wear a sheer, light-reflective make-up formula close to
your natural skin colour.
Too heavy and dark makes us look older and emphasizes wrinkles.
Too pale makes us look tired and lifeless.


2)  Use a light concealer to cover any dark areas under the eyes only,
and in the inner corners of the eyes.


3)  Use powder only to reduce shine on the nose, if there is any,
otherwise it is not 
necessary because it will emphasize any wrinkles.


4)  Use blush on the highest point of the cheekbone and circularly
upwards to hide any 
cheek hollowness due to age, using a light pink/peach colour.


Makeup Case


5)  Use eye-liner, if you want, only on the upper lid.
Eye-liner on the lower lid makes us look tired with very small eyes.


6)  Use a dark mascara, if you want, again only on the upper lashes.
Mascara on the lower lashes emphasizes wrinkles and dark circles.


7)  Use a lip liner the same colour as your lipstick or completely clear if
your lips 
are very thin;  then fill in with a lively colour to awaken the lips.


The only way to feel and be beautiful is to accept yourself and be peaceful!





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