Mystical Miracle!


Hi there!


When I was a child our house had a big
garden surrounded by the ethereal 
and it was full of flowers, flower pots, many
shrubs and cacti; 
but most of all, it was full of
fruit trees:  apricot, almond, fig, 
mandarin and lemon trees as well as many vines.
In the summers I always liked watering the whole
garden with a hose, 
which used to take me many
hours to finish.
But it was very relaxing and it 
suited me perfectly.


What I liked best was to dig deep round ditches
around our trees, and 
especially my lemon trees.
An excellent exercise, although I was too young
to need it at that time.


Two Bowls


The lemon tree is an evergreen medium size tree,
with very aromatic white flowers, which become
green little fruits and then turn yellow lemons.

The lemon is a fruit full of flavour, very nutritious
and extremely useful.

Except for its many culinary uses, which we all enjoy,
there are also the following 
very interesting choices:


Two Lemons On a Dish


Alternative Solutions


1)    The lemon smell is very uplifting either as fresh lemon or as an essential oil.
2)    It is digestive, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant.
3)    It contains Vitamins: A, B, C, K, Minerals and Electrolytes.
4)    It is a peeling agent due to its citric acid content, so we can use it on the face,
        the elbows, the knees and the feet to exfoliate. 
5)    As a cough syrup:   Squeeze the juice and mix it with grated rind ,
warm it and 
add honey.
6)    You can remove fats from various kitchen equipment rubbing them
with the lemon peel.
7)    Simmer the lemon peel in a pot as a natural humidifier. 
8)    Rub the hands and the kitchen surfaces with the lemon peel to remove bacteria.
9)    Polish your stainless steel equipment around the house with the peel.
10)   Boiled in a bowl of water in the microwave will melt any food residues.
11)   Mix lemon juice with salt and water and gargle for sore throats.
12)   Drink lemon juice to cure most common illnesses.





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