Aloha Oukou!

Hi there!


The beach was stretching kilometres long and
hundreds of meters deep.
At the end I could see a long line of tall and thick palm trees,
bending towards this magnificent dark blue sea.


A boat was floating on the peaceful waves further away,
while a couple were swimming and laughing close by.
It was a very warm summer’s  day and I was lying
under my colourful umbrella, sipping my favourite drink,
daydreaming  and enjoying this tranquillity.


I kept my eyes half-closed and I concentrated on the
singing sound of the water breaking on the sand, pulling
part of it back to the sea on its return.


Heaven ….!   There was no other place I would
rather be at that moment!



The Fruit of Life


Coconut Water


This is my top favourite cold drink, so
I researched the subject for my own benefit
and I share what I learned with you.


The coconut palm is a large tropical tree,
which likes sandy salty soil.
Coconut water is a divinely refreshing drink,
which comes from the interior of the young coconut,
and it is full of vitamins and minerals.


The Amazing Properties:


a)   It contains in good amounts,

1)  Vitamin B complex
2)  Vitamin C
3)  Calcium
4)  Magnesium
5)  Copper
6)  Phosphorus
7)  Iron
8)  Zinc

b)   It also has a good amount of Fibre and Protein.

c)   It contains balanced amounts of the Electrolytes,
Sodium and Potassium to replenish the body.

d)   It has anti-ageing properties.

e)   It is a digestive due to its enzymes.

f)   It also has anti-cancer and anti-viral properties.

g)  It is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.


The more I research the subject the more I find.
There is so much more attributed to it.


I like drinking it pure or mixed with a healthy fruit juice.
Whichever way you choose, definitely coconut water
is the most healthy drink to have!


Aloha Nui Loa




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