Paso Doble!

Hi there!


Matta was taking dance lessons for years now.
It was something she enjoyed tremendously not
only for the exercise but 
the music made her feel
as if she was living another mystical life.


Tonight she was tired.
It was late and she decided to have a light dinner
went to bed as usual.
The sharp pain in her leg woke her up from her deep sleep.
Half-asleep she was frightened because she didn’t
know what was happening.


Then she realised her calf was tight as a knot and
extremely painful.
Her first thought was to get up, but recalling her
dancing experiences from previous years 
realised it would suffice to massage her leg.


Leg cramps at night are a common incident.
The most simple and common reason for having a leg cramp is
over-exertion and imbalance of minerals due to dehydration.
There are some very simple steps we can take to prevent this problem.




The Rescuers

1)   Drink enough liquids during the day to stay hydrated.
2)   Stretch your calves every now and then for 30 seconds during the day.
3)   Take a Vitamin D3 supplement daily – at least 600IU.
4)   Take a Calcium supplement daily or eat calcium rich foods (Cheese, Yogurt)
5)   Take a Magnesium supplement or eat magnesium rich foods (whole grains)
6)   Take an Omega 3 supplement or eat Wild Salmon two to three times weekly.
7)    Be physically active on a daily basis.


To treat a sudden leg cramp, massage the affected area
softly stretching the leg, 
until the knot has softened — a matter
of 10 minutes or so — and is not seriously painful any more.
Relax the leg until the problem is completely gone — a matter of 40 minutes or so.





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