Super Solutions!


Hi there!

A blast of extinction covered the earth,
and the existent world was eradicated.
Our modern culture is now submerged
into the chaos of the desire for possessions.


We must try to adapt ourselves to this new situation,
and try to solve our every day life’s challenges
as best as we can 
by exercising self-knowledge,
self-understanding and self-control.


Time is essential to accomplish our goals.
We have to organise our time correctly to be
able to do the things we want in our daily life.


The more organised we are the more time we have
for ourselves to feel more comfortable and balanced.





1)   Start by making lists of the target number of tasks
you want to do daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.
2)   Establish your routines so there is no time wasted.
3)   Prioritize by putting the most important task first.
4)   Do not procrastinate and stay focused on what
you want to achieve.
5)   Decide how much time each task needs and allow
extra time for delays.
6)   If you ever need assistance do not hesitate to ask.
7)   Always make time for yourself to relax.
8)   Be realistic and try to protect yourself from failure
by working on targets.




Planning all your jobs will avoid any problems and complications.
Always try to stay organised no matter what you do.
For every ailment there is a mental cause!
Consequently healing of the body must start in the mind!




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