Hi there!


It was Thursday evening, and once again Izy
was sitting in her favourite comfortable stool
in her usual bar, enjoying her glass of
Cointreau and chatting with the barman.


She was wearing her burgundy-coloured
pencil skirt with its attractive right leg side
opening, showing her well-shaped leg.
She was sitting in this most attractive position,
with her right leg pressing against
her left.
She looked very sexy……


The position of our legs reveal our attitude;
our hidden profile.
This is because, usually, we are not aware
of what we are doing with our legs in 
specific situations, so we can not pretend and disguise.




1)   Leg Cross – Standing Position:Crossed Standing-C

This position reveals a closed and defensive attitude.
The person declares “no access”.


2)   Leg Cross – Sitting Position:


One leg is crossed over the other.
This position shows an open, generous and trustworthy person.


3)   Figure Four – Sitting Position:Figure Four-C

The calf is crossed over the other leg.
This position exhibits a dominant and relaxed attitude.

4)   Ankle Lock – Sitting Position:

 Ankles Locked-C
Knees together, ankles crossed.
This position indicates a suspicious and withdrawn character.

5)   Parallel Legs – Sitting Position:

One leg presses against the other.
This is the extreme female sitting position.
It shows a sexy, stylish person with a direct attitude.




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