Hi there!

The waitress came to take us to our table in
this magnificent gravelled yard 
of the restaurant,
beneath the old big mulberry tree filled with colourful lights.
It was a glorious summer evening.  Sitting in our beautifully set
we could feel the light warm wind blowing on our faces.
 We felt wonderfully relaxed, we smiled to each other lovingly and
started reading the menu.


Today I have decided to make one of my favourite
deserts in my own way.
My father was crazy about it, so we all got used to it
and we liked it very much.
Not only it is a very desirable desert but also a very healthy one
due to the nut content and using honey instead of sugar.


Entire Baklava




200gr    Chopped almonds
200gr    Chopped walnuts
1tblsp    Mixed sweet spice (cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg)
2tblsp    Brandy
1              Lemon peel and juice
1pct        Fresh fyllo pastry
200gr     Goat fresh butter melted
500gr     Honey
500gr     Water
                Clove sticks


1)   Combine almonds, walnuts, lemon peel and brandy in a
big bowl and mix well.
2)   Butter a baking dish well and cover with a sheet of
fyllo pastry twice buttering each layer well.
3)   Put one third of the nut mixture on top and cover
with another sheet of fyllo pastry 
buttering again.
4)   Put another third of the nut mixture on top and cover
with another sheet of fyllo pastry
 buttering it very well again.
5)  Finish the last third of the nut mixture and cover all with
the last sheet of the fyllo pastry.
6)   Pour the rest of the butter on top and score the top layer
in small squares.
7)   Put a clove in the middle of each square and pour a few
drops of water on top of the pastry.
8)   Bake in the oven in 200 C until golden brown.
9)   Remove from the oven and let cool down.


Slice Baklava

Make the Syrup:

Place the honey, water and some cloves in a pot and
boil until it is thickened lightly.
Remove and add the lemon juice.
Pour the syrup over the top of the baklava and let it
aside for a few hours to absorb it.
You can cut the pieces and freeze them for whenever
you want a special desert.





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