Hi there!

This morning it is still snowing, and I am sitting in my desk looking at
the thick snow collecting in the garden, which looks so good but it is
so disrupting to our every day life.
The schools closed, the trains stopped, many people did not go to work,
my shopping delivery was cancelled twice, and so on and on.
Thinking about my shopping, I am now considering all these foods and
drinks we consume daily, which can steal our youth.
Eating unhealthy foods contributes to our ageing faster, and consequently
it determines how long we are going to live.


Winter Drive


The Enemies


A)   Poly-unsaturated fats:

These are the worse fats to eat. They get rancid very quickly
and fill our bodies with free radicals, which damage our DNA
and cause various diseases.
All pre-packaged foods sold contain these dangerous fats.
The most common oils in worse priority are:
1)  Safflower Oil
2)  Sunflower Oil
3)  Corn Oil
4)  Soya Oil
5)  Nut Oils
When these fats are converted to solid (margarine) they become even
more dangerous to our health.
Try to avoid eating these fats and products or limit them to very small
amounts on rare occasions.
The best and most healthy fat to use on a daily basis is Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Also Fish Oil by eating fatty fish, like Wild Salmon.

B)   Saturated Fats:

They destroy our arteries and cause heart attacks and strokes.
Cut out all obvious fat from the meats you consume, and
limit consumption of butter to one teaspoon daily.

C)   Cured Meats:

They contain nitrites and nitrates, which are cancer-causing substances.
The most common foods to avoid or limit to very small amounts are:
1)  Salami
2)  Ham
3)  Sausages
4)  Bacon
Also, always grill or fry meat in low temperatures to avoid the creation of
poisonous substances, which stimulate free radicals.



D)   Alcohol:

Too much alcohol consumption causes high blood pressure, cardiac arrest,
various cancers and brain damage.
Limit your alcohol intake to one to two drinks daily, or less.

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