Hi there!

I was relaxing in the lounge of my favourite multi-national
reading my emails on my mobile and sipping my
usual reserve brandy.
A tickling sound broke the silence in the dimly lighted
atmosphere of the warm lounge.
I took my eyes off the screen and turned my look curiously.
And then …. I saw them!
These alluring red and black stilettos!   So seductive ….!
They moved towards me — and I kept watching them coming ….

Idee Fixe

We wear shoes to protect our feet from any damage
and to feel comfortable.
Modern shoes are also designed to make women look sexy.
I always liked high heels and I used to wear them all the time.
Nowadays I alternate them with low heels and sports shoes.
Here are photos of some of my best shoes for you:
Red ShoesWhiteBowsGold Shoes  

 White_shoesRed and BlackBlue Shoes

 Jean ShoesNail ShoesBlack Shoes

 Burgundy BootsBrown BootsFeather Slippers

Although high heels are uncomfortable and can be dangerous to the feet,
at the same time they have some benefits:

(a)  They emphasize the curves of the calves, which is a very likeable feature.
(b)  They make legs look longer and the feet smaller, which is very attractive.
(c)  They draw attention to the female buttocks as well as the breasts.
(d)  Even putting the high heels on is considered an erotic act.

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