Hi there!


“Where do you want to go this afternoon?” he asked,
as they came down the stairs
and towards his parked car.
The bright sunshine glittering on his face illuminated
his beautiful blue eyes.
She looked at him feeling very pleased and wondered
whether they should live together.
“Let’s go to that café we went on our first date”, she said.
He smiled, and started driving towards the coast…..
I like drinking tea any time of the day.
I prefer herbal teas because they are caffeine free — consequently
non-stimulating;   they smell and taste deliciously,
and they have various healing properties.
Drinking a warm cup of tea with a full teaspoon of honey
is the ideal means to feel warm, pleased, safe and relaxed
while also enjoying all the healthful benefits the tea has to offer.
After trying a good number of teas, I have chosen
the following as my best healthy herbal teas.


Redbush Tea

The Professionals:


1)   Chamomile

An old calming tea, very soothing and relaxing for the whole body.
It has a light taste and it can be drunk any time of the day with
a teaspoon of honey to enhance
its gentle qualities.

2)   Lemon Balm

A sedative and anti-viral citrus tasting tea.
Drunk in the evening it will help you relax and sleep better.

3)   Peppermint

An anti-bacterial, decongestant and digestive tea with a
minty refreshing taste .
It eases migraines, stress and muscle pain.

4)   Rosemary

This is our very known aromatic and tasty kitchen herb.
Due to its dilating qualities it works on our head’s blood vessels,
so it is the ideal treatment
for migraines.
Boil 1 teaspoon dried herb per cup.


Two GingerRedbush
Lemon GrassGinger Chamomille


5)   Ginger

A very spicy anti-inflammatory and digestive tea.
It is ideal for any kind of nausea.
Also it is good for the immune system and our body’s lipids.

6)   Rooibos

This is my absolute favourite.
A South African plant full of anti-oxidants and many minerals,
with an excellent flavour.
A very healthy anti-ageing tea to keep on drinking all day.

7)   Lavender

This flowery sedative tea is ideal to be drunk for relaxation and serenity.
It is the ideal drink for anxiety problems.

8)   Green Tea (Decaffeinated)

Our well known green tea with its anti-cancer and
anti-blood clotting properties.
Drink as usual.

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