Homme Magnifique!


Hi there!


Today is a windless overcast day.
The falling snow is now many centimetres deep
and it is covering the grass
and the paths around the house.
I opened the front door to see how it felt;
but I was overtaken by the penetrating cold.
I closed the door and came back in to the warm house.
I went to the kitchen, made a cup of tea and sat in my desk reading.
I do not like the snow or these very cold temperatures.
This frozen landscape is very depressing.


Houses In Snow


I have just finished reading this article about relationships.
It was kind of interesting because it was discussing
how to avoid specific kinds of men.
Of course certain parts can also apply to women.


To amuse you, I share this “fascinating” information here.


The Culprits:


1)  The Miser

This is a person who always wants to borrow money from you.
He never has enough for anything and he always avoids spending.
Avoid this person completely because your life will be a misery.

2)  The Football Addict

This person’s only interest is football and his teams.
He lives, dresses and talks according to this.
You will always come second.
This person is really useless for any relationship.

 Pots In Snow


3)  The Gambler

He only wants to play either it is in horses or cards or games, casino, etc.
He is only talking about his interest.
Avoid this person because you will always be in debt.

4)  The Outlaw

This person always carries any kind of weapon with him.
He is always on the telephone discussing “business”.
Avoid him at all costs because you are in danger.

 Crest In Snow


5)  The Gossip

This person knows everything about everybody and talks about them
to everybody else.
Avoid this person because you will never have a private life.

6)  The Addict

This is a person who is always in his “own world” if he is a
substance addict
or drinks all the time if he is an alcohol addict.
Avoid him at any cost because he is dangerous.

7)  The Narcissist

This person is only interested in himself.
He loves his image and looks after his body excessively.
Avoid him because you will always be last.

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