Glorious Habits!


Hi there!


It is 5:00am and she started noticing the daybreak light.
She has been tossing and turning in her bed since 3 o’clock.
She thought: “I can’t carry on like this any more.
I will never be able to get through the day!”
This situation is very common.
But there are many natural ways to help us cope with this problem.
To continue from yesterday.


Foods to Promote Sleep:


A)  Green leafy vegetables
1)  Spinach
2)  Lettuce
B)  Whole grains
1)  Wheat
2)  Oats
3)  Rice
C)  Mushrooms and Lemons
D)  Herbs and Spices
1)  Dill
2)  Basil
3)  Parsley
4)  Garlic
5)  Turmeric
E)  Tryptophan rich foods
1)  Chicken and Eggs
2)  Turkey
3)  Salmon and Tuna
4)  Lamb
5)  Pork
6)  Beef




Vitamins and Minerals to Promote Sleep:

A)  Vitamin B Complex
B)  Calcium
C)  Magnesium
D)  Vitamin D


By eating a balanced diet of whole foods you will ensure
you get sufficient amounts of these vitamins and minerals.

Otherwise take them in supplement form.

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