Hi there!

This month once again they struggled to get by;
they live pay check to pay check.
Their income disappears paying for their every
day living expenses, without realising it.
With no savings in the bank, they live in continuous stress…..
With high inflation and salary reductions it is very
easy to find many people living on the edge.
But people are not powerless; they just need to
look for ways to do more for less.
There are plenty of simple ways to limit our
expenses and feel more comfortable:


a)  Banking:


1)  Compare mortgage rates from different banks
and choose the most suitable.
2)  Avoid taking consumer loans unless absolutely
necessary and choose the lowest fixed rate.
3)  Use only one credit card and clear the balance
every month.
4)  If you have a number of small savings accounts
put them all together in a time deposit.
5)  Do not buy various protection insurances as
they are not necessary.



b)  Housing:


1)  If you pay rent renegotiate the rate.
2)  If your house is too big to use move to a smaller
one to save expenses.
3)  Shop around for cheap household insurance
and pay annually.
4)  If you own a second home you do not use,
sell it and save the funds.




c)  Shopping:


1)  As a rule, eat less to cut the cost.
2)  Always make a shopping list and stick to it.
3)  Consider own-brands and buy only what you need.
4)  Buy larger sizes and offers of the products you need.
5)  Use membership cards to collect points and coupons.
6)  Store, cook and consume foods properly so there is no waste.
7)  Reduce or eliminate take-away and prepared foods.
8)  Cut down on drinking habits and stick to them.

d)  Utilities:


 1)  Insulate your home to save energy and money.
2)  Change suppliers for cheaper energy bills.
3)  Cut the home phone bills by getting a packaged deal (Tel/TV/Bband)
4)  Buy a pay-as-you-go mobile to pay only what you use.
5)  Do your own household easy repairs to save on expensive fees.
6)  Use electrical appliances only as necessary.


e)  Clothing:


1)  Do not buy designer clothes as they are a waste of money.
2)  Always ask: Do I need this?
3)  Try to buy what you need in the sales.
4)  Shop on line, you will be less tempted to overspend.


f)  Driving:


1)  Buy a small conventional car for new or a bigger one used.
2)  Compare insurances for the best price.
3)  Drive within the speed limit to economize on petrol.
4)  Maintain the car regularly.
5)  Choose a cheap breakdown insurance.
6)  If you own a second car you do not use much, sell it and save the money.

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