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She woke up in stages; finally her eyes
blinked open and glanced at the clock.
It was only 6:40am, but she was anxious to get up.
She put the music on and stepping into the
bathroom she looked at her image in the mirror.
She raised her hand and pushed her
tangled hair off her forehead.
She approached the mirror and started
examining her face; it looked creased and dry.
She thought: “I now definitely need to do
something about it..!”.
The condition of our skin is the most critical
factor as far as our appearance is concerned.
This ‘First Impression’ is always very important!
Hyaluronic Acid is a chemical produced by our bodies.
It exists mainly in our connective tissue
that supports our cells.
It keeps our skin wrinkle-free, elastic
and firm, and it supports our collagen and elastin fibres.
So eating foods containing this chemical or
enhancing its production in the body,
will help maintain a healthy, younger looking skin.




Hyaluronic Acid Sources
A)    The top source is the hormone Oestrogen.
By increasing our oestrogen levels we
ensure that our skin will look younger,
because oestrogen optimises the hyaluronic
acid in our skin.
The best natural way to increase our oestrogen
levels (unless we have a medical condition)
is by eating Soya products.
Soya contains phyto oestrogens, which behave
like the female oestrogen.
(1)  A glass of organic soya milk
(2)  Steamed edamame
are excellent sources.
B)     Second best is animal flesh.
Animal connective tissue and skin are rich
sources of hyaluronic acid.
By eating,
(1)  Chicken wings with skin
(2)  Chicken legs with skin
(3)  Fish with skin and bones
we increase our skin’s hyaluronic acid content.
C)     Some root vegetables can stimulate the body to produce more hyaluronic acid.
Best examples of common foods are:
(1) Parsnips
(2) Turnips
(3) Sweet potatoes
D)     Magnesium and Zinc containing foods are important for the synthesis of HA.
 Eat the following foods regularly:
(1) Wholegrains (rice, oats, wheat)
(2) Nuts
(3) Seeds
(4) Liver
(5) Beef
(6) Lamb
E)     Vitamin C and Retinol containing foods promote hyaluronic acid production.
Eat the following foods on a regular basis:
(1) Bell peppers
(2) Kiwi
(3) Leafy greens
(4) Citrus fruits
(5) Liver
(6) Fish oils

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