Je Ne Sais Quoi!


Hi there!

……. Sitting at the bar in “En Plo” drinking this rich red
reserve wine, listening to the exciting lounge music

and feeling so ….  mellow!
Alex was talking to me and kept refilling my glass.
I really felt so good that I started thinking I would
let him seduce me ……


Every woman wants to radiate an elusive quality
that awakens something attractive and pleasing.
Every woman wants to emit an ethereal aura
which can not be defined.
Every woman wants to charm everybody
with her presence.
With the right clothes, accessories and makeup
you will blow everybody away!


Airport Pose


Beauty is Eternal


1)  Know the style that fits your shape, and buy
the clothes which flatter your body.
2)  Wear the accessories which express your
personality and image.
3)  Dress to emphasize your body’s stronger
points and hide the weaker ones.
4)  Make certain your bag, shoes and jewellery
blend well with your clothing.
5)  Wear the right make-up for your style,
age and attitude.
Never apologise for your maturity and never
grow up conventionally.

Dress every day as if it is a special day — age gorgeously


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