Exquisite Beauty!


Hi there!

She got up early daybreak, huddled on her
clothes and waited for the taxi she had
booked the night before to take her to the airport.
Although it was so early, the road was
packed with cars; they had to struggle through the traffic.
On arrival she heard her flight was seriously delayed.
Her luck was running out!
How will you manage to reach your destination
finally fresh, relaxed and looking good?
Travelling by air plane is a hardship even
for the strongest body.
The sudden atmospheric change together with
the air pressure and the air-conditioning
test our strength.
As a frequent flyer for the last 30 years living in two countries,
I have concluded the following simple solutions:



A) Skin:

 1)  Use a rich moisturiser to keep the skin well hydrated.
2)  Use light colour lipstick on the lips, cheeks
and brow bone to brighten the face.
3)  Use a water spray (like Evian) every now
and then to keep the moisture.

B) Eyes:

1)  Use hydrating eye drops to keep the eyes lubricated.
2)  Use an eye cream to keep the under eye skin soft.
3)  Use a liquid concealer to cover under eye black circles.

C) Hair:

1)  Shampoo the hair the day before travelling.
2)  Style it in a way easy to handle at all times.
3)  Keep in the handbag a comb, clips, a small
spray to use before landing.




D) Light Stomach:

Even if you never have any problems, still
the situation is not ideal so,
1)  Avoid sodas, fried foods, onions, fat foods,
complicated sauces, peanuts and chocolate cakes.
All these are difficult to digest.
2)  Avoid alcohol in any form because its effect
will be doubled on air, and you will feel dizzy.
3)  Eat energy producing foods like,
(a)  Whole grains : breads, pasta, rice, cereals.
(b)  Fruits : bananas, apples, raisins.
(c)  Nuts : all
(d)  Seeds : all
4)  Drink plenty of bottled water to avoid dehydration.

E) General Fitness:

1)  Avoid wearing new shoes because the feet tend
to swell due to the change of the air pressure.
2)  When seated try not to cross your legs.
3)  If possible put the legs on top of a bag to help
with the circulation.
4)  Every now and then, make circles with your
wrists, ankles and shoulders.
5)  From time to time turn the head left and
right a few times.
6)  Take deep breaths to increase the oxygen levels.


To relax: breath in lavender essential oil.
To energise: breath in bergamot essential oil.

Bon Voyage!


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