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Beauty is a feature that makes us feel
pleasant and happy.

It is subject to how every individual interprets
what he sees.

Human beauty suggests health, which
contributes to our survival.

Every woman wants to have immaculate skin,
healthy shiny hair and ideal body weight.
The image we have for ourselves shapes our
thoughts, and consequently our whole life.





As we age dryness and thinning affect our hair,
as well as various treatments we use during our life.

Here is a simple routine to follow twice a week
to maintain younger looking hair.

1)   Massage the scalp with the fingertips for a
short time to increase the blood flow, starting
from the bottom, the sides and top.
2)   Comb the hair carefully to remove any oils,
and let the warm (not hot) water run over it.
3)   Mix a little of the chosen shampoo with
water in the palm of the hand.
4)   Run both hands through the hair for 3 minutes.
5)   Rinse thoroughly to remove every trace
of shampoo.
6)   Put a little conditioner in the palm of the
hand and dilute it with water.
7)   Run the fingers only through the bottom
half of the hair.
8)   Rinse thoroughly to remove all conditioner.
9)   Towel-dry the hair.
10)  Using a hair dryer, dry the hair at a medium
heat holding the dryer at a short distance to
maintain the conditioning effect.

Special Treatment:

Occasionally use,


Coconut Oil

1)  Warm a small quantity of the oil in a bowl.
2)  Saturate all head fully.
3)  Comb through to distribute the oil evenly.
4)  Leave for 15 minutes.
5)  Shampoo twice to clean all oil from the hair.
6)  Rinse very well.
7)  Dry as usual.


For fullness,
Bend over and brush the hair well from the roots.
Head up again, and smooth the hair
only with the fingertips.

Hair Nutrition:

1) Vitamin B Complex, to strengthen the hair and promote growth.
2) Vitamin E, for better blood circulation.
3) Vitamin C, for healthy tissues.
4) Eat:
(a)  Liver, for the Zinc, Copper and Iron content
(b)  Seeds and Nuts, for the Iron and Copper content

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