Magnum T!


Hi there!


He double-parked and run to ring her bell.
She appeared smiling dressed in green shorts
and a tiny strapless top.

They climbed into his open-roof cabriolet
and headed south towards the coast.

It was a bright warm late May morning.
She put her arm on the window and smiled.

He smiled back trying to hide his nervousness…


Cool Car


The Saviour

Testosterone is the most important male
hormone, and it is necessary to maintain the
right levels for muscle building and sexual function.
More than 55% of men are dissatisfied with their sex life.
It is very easy to keep the levels healthy by
eating the right foods.

Foods that Increase Testosterone:


A)    The body relies on healthy levels of Zinc to produce
testosterone and sperm.

Try to eat the following foods on a regular basis: 

1)  Beef
2)  Lamb
3)  Pork
4)  Chicken
5)  Dark Chocolate
6)  Pumpkin Seeds
7)  Baked Beans
8)  Peanuts

B)      The body needs the Vitamin B complex, which promotes
healthy testosterone and increases libido.

Try to include these foods in your diet:

1)  Turkey
2)  Tuna
3)  Whole Grains
4)  Potatoes
5)  Bananas
6)  Lentils




C)     Increase of testosterone is also related to the body’s levels of Vitamin A.

The following foods are rich sources of the vitamin: 

1)  Sweet Potatoes
2)  Carrots
3)  Spinach
4)  Peaches
5)  Lettuce
6)  Dried Apricots
7)  Peas
8)  Tomatoes

D)     There is a connection between declined sex drive, fertility
rates and Vitamin E levels.  
Vitamin E also increases testosterone.

The following foods are the richest source of this vital nutrient. 

1)  Sunflower Seeds
2)  Almonds
3)  Peanuts
4)  Olives
5)  Hazelnuts
6)  Pistachios

E)      The body needs fat to produce hormones.

A diet rich in healthy fats promotes higher testosterone levels.

Include the following healthy mono-unsaturated
and omega 3 fats in your diet daily.

1)  Nuts
2)  Seeds
3)  Olives
4)  Olive Oil
5)  Avocados
6)  Wholegrain Wheat
7)  Oatmeal
8)  Salmon
9)  Tuna
to enhance testosterone production:
a)  Limit alcohol.
b)  Sleep 6 hours minimum.
c)  Reduce stress levels.
d)  Exercise.

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