Vital Harmony!


Hi there!


Today once again, she was in a rush.
Although it was late afternoon and the rain was
sweeping across the flooded road, holding her
umbrella she hurried to the train hoping to catch
the shops still open …..

During our life we keep accumulating a huge
number of various things, which finally are not
even important to us — and occasionally they can
hold us back.

Here I thought and tried how I can create a more peaceful home:


(A) Kitchen:

1. Utensils, never used
2. Mugs, too many
3. Containers, very old
4. Decorations, too many
5. Food canned or boxed, old
6. Bottled sauces, old
7. Dried herbs and spices, expired dates




(B) Office/Study:
1. Receipts, not needed
2. Magazines, old
3. Leaflets, useless
4. Electronics, not needed
5. Books, never read
6. Mail, useless
7. Files, too many
(C) Bedroom/s:
1. Clothes, never worn or too small to wear now
2. Linens, sheets and towels not needed
(D) Bathroom/s:
1. Medicines, expiry dates
2. toiletries, old or not needed
As a rule, we should only keep what we
need and works for us now; in our current stage of life.
Not previous stages or years ago.
The rest we recycle, throw away or give away.

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