Hi there!


This is the time of the year again when we start
thinking of adopting new goals and promise to
improve our way of life.

The majority of people will certainly give up
within the first couple of months.

As we are moving into this New Year, the wisest
thing to do is to ask ourselves:

what are the things most important to me from now on?
And decide accordingly.

Changes do not happen overnight. It takes time,
dedication, commitment and a lot of effort.

We do not have to start immediately, as long as
we plan and organise.

The secret is: Small steps for Big results.
This year will be the year I succeed.


The White Azalea

The White Azalea


Wise Resolutions:


A)   Eat Healthy


Aim for:

Whole grains
Lean Meats
Wild Salmon
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

B)   Move More:


Aim for:

Any moderate activity for 10 minutes at least, a few times a day.
Vacuum for 10 minutes will burn 50 calories.
Wash the car for 10 minutes will also burn 50 calories.
Walk for 10 minutes will burn 30 calories.

C)   Sleep Well:


Aim for:

At least 6 hours of sleep.
To quieten the mind:
1)  Breathe deeply and concentrate to a meaningful word.
2)  Smell lavender oil.
3)  Take Bach Rescue Remedy.

D)   Feel Sexier:

Make an effort, every now and then.
Don’t wait for fireworks — Just do it.

E)   Control Your Spending:

Don’t get carried away. Stay focused and within your budget.

F)   Be more relaxed:


To make time for myself:

1)  Plan, Organise and Prioritise my jobs.
2)  Think Positively at all times.
3)  Say ” I do not care” frequently.

To Relax:

1)  Breathe deeply while thinking and feeling positive.
2)  Drink fresh lemon juice with ground ginger and honey.
3)  Drink a cup of strong chamomile tea with honey.

To Stop Rumination:

1)  Distract Myself for 10 minutes concentrating to a task.
2)  Focus on a word or sentence or image.
3)  Say “Oh Well” and move on.

G)   Life Changing:

To change our life we have to change the state of our minds.
1)  Become an author.
2)  Be friendly to strangers.
3)  Join a club.

Steps to Succeed:

(a)  Plan my resolutions.
(b)  Believe in myself.
(c)  Persist and never give up.

Good Luck!



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