Peaceful Energy!


Hi there! 


Man is like a very complicated machine which
needs this thunderous energy (absorbed by the air,
water and food, and flowing from within our bodies)
to work properly.

He is a triple essence:  Body, Soul and Spirit — and these
three will only be balanced if we lead a proper way of life.
Between these three fields we find:  the conscious, the
unconscious and the subconscious.

Natural man had the flexibility of the animal, he was
relaxed, breathing correctly and walked barefoot.
Modern man has lost this natural way of life.

Because we are all “superficially” healthy;
and this becomes more obvious the older we grow,

there are a few very simple steps we can take
(either we have health problems or not) to maintain
ourselves as our bodies age.



(A)  Breathing


Breathing is the basic function of our life.
Good breathing happens in four stages:

1)   Inhale slowly concentrating to the energy through the nostrils.

2)  Hold the breath.

3)  Exhale slowly guiding the energy through the whole body.

4)  Hold the breath.

These stages have to be well under our control for best health benefits.

Breathing deeply a few times daily will make us feel
more relaxed and revitalised.


(B)  Posture


Good posture is the priority for our best appearance and health;
and it means we are relaxed.

1)  Stand with your back to a wall and touch the wall with the back of the head.

2)  Think tall – Be relaxed – Look forward.

This will strengthen the back and the neck.



(C)  Walking


Nature’s biggest fitness contribution is walking.

1)  It is a weight-bearing exercise for stronger bones.

2)  It strengthens the heart.

3)  It lifts our spirits.

4)  It strengthens our immune system.

Walk any time, anywhere.


(D)  Weight lifting


Strong muscles helps support our bones, but until the
age of 80 we will have lost a third of our muscle mass.

Weight lifting for keeping our muscle mass is as easy as:

1)  Carrying full shopping bags.

2)  Moving around chairs.

3)  Carrying a vacuum cleaner.

4)  Lifting cans of food.

Carrying similar heavy objects a few times a week
will help keep our bodies more youthful.


(E)  Moderate Intensity Exercise


Keeping moderately active on a daily basis is a simple
and free way of maintaining our general health.

1)  House work

2)  Planting beds in the garden.

3)  Raking the lawn.

4)  Washing the car.


It is never too late….!





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