Male Confidential !


Hi there!


Tabbo was stretching comfortably in his big
armchair in the lobby of this classy international hotel.

He was dressed in his designer shoes and trousers,
his smart sports shirt and his expensive leather jacket.

His green inquiring eyes were searching around for. . .

It is well documented that men are different than women
in many ways:

1)  They are 12cm taller on average.

2)  They are 13kg heavier on average.

3) They have 61% more body water.

4)  They possess 11-12% bigger brains.

5)  They process better in the left hemisphere of the brain.

6)  They perceive pain differently.

7)  They express emotions differently.

8)  Their nutritional needs are different.

The important thing is to regularly consume a variety
of essential nutrients and take the necessary supplements
to maintain their muscle mass and prevent
prostate cancer as well as other health problems.


Mats Tage


Nutritional Needs:

1)   Muscle Building

a)  Complete protein foods:      Eggs, Fish, Chicken, Turkey, Beef, Venison, Lamb.
b)  Whole grains:                         Wheat, Oats, Rice.

2)   Prostate Health

a)  Lycopene :      Tomatoes, Watermelon, Asparagus.
b)  Isoflavones:    Soy Milk, Edamame.
c)  Sulforafane:    Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussel Sprouts.
d)  Zinc:                 Shellfish, Beef, Pork.
e)  Folate:              Spinach.

3)   Brain Health

a)  Anthocyanin:   Blueberries, Blackberries.

4)   Heart Health

a)  Omega 3:          Wild Alaskan Salmon.
b)  Resveratrol:      Dark Grapes, Dark Berries.
c)  Quercetin:         Onions, Citrus Fruits, Apples, Black Tea.
d)  Potassium:        Coconut Water, Banana, Potato, Seeds, Nuts.


Also eat:


1)  A lot of colourful fruits and vegetables for their antioxidant properties.
2)  Herbs and spices for their antioxidant properties.
3)  Green Tea.
4)  Brazil Nuts (2-3 Daily) for their Selenium content.
5)  Reduce coffee and limit dairy products.




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