Love the Years!


Hi there!


Standing in front of the mirror every morning,
examining her naked body in great detail to register
even the smallest change…. So exciting..!


The image we have for ourselves shapes our thoughts,
the way we feel and what we do in our every day life.
Looking our best is only a matter of taking good care of
ourselves — and that gives us self-confidence, and we
feel at ease with who we are.

In many cultures age is viewed as something positive
because less emphasis is given to youth and glamour.
We have to treat age as something to be cherished
and not to fight!

I love showers.
I always follow a specific routine two to three
times a week, which I share with you here.




 My Shower Routine


1)  I get in the shower and let the hot water run all
over me for a few minutes.

2)  Then I massage a shampoo into my wet hair.
The shampoo I use is for colour-treated hair from
pure flowers and plants and has a delicate smell.

I do not need a conditioner because, (a) my shampoo
is nice and softening itself, and (b) the conditioner
will make my hair very heavy.

 3)  Then I use a gentle body scrub to polish by skin.
My usual smell is citrus, especially satsuma, to
invigorate and energise me.

 4)  Then I use a body cleanser to remove any left impurities.
My usual shower gel is again of satsuma smell.

 5)  To finish, I again let the hot water run all over me.
It is extremely relaxing.

 6)  Finally, I cover my hair with a towel and dry
my body softly with another.

 7)  While my skin is still damp I use a body moisturizer
to keep my skin hydrated and soft.
Obviously I use a satsuma body butter.

 8)  I also use a body mist – again satsuma smell – all over,
to keep me energised all day.




At times when I feel very stressed, instead of my usual
satsuma smell, I use:

1)  Lavender shower gel.

2)  Lavender body butter.

3)  Lavender pure essential oil burning in the room.

Also, I always use an anti-ageing hand cream with
sun protection, SPF 25.

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