Hi there!


I went to the kitchen to make a cup of tea while thinking.
Suddenly I heard it… I looked out of the window, and there
it was — the ice cream van, very colourful and so fully decorated.

Its loud bell calling for the people to come outside their houses and buy.
An older lady dressed in trousers and jacket came out and
stood in front of the canteen talking to the man.
Then I saw her holding a cone full of soft and fluffy ice cream.
Hmmm…. Yummy…!

Our home is our sanctuary, and we want its atmosphere to
embrace us and make us feel safe, comfortable and relaxed.
It expresses our personality and connects us to ourselves.

I have always liked houses and designs, so I have tried to create
my own atmosphere here in this new house I bought recently.

Some of my best ideas I have collected and put into practice are here:




The Cozy Home:


1)   Using soft materials in most areas creates beauty,
which makes us feel very pleasant.
Smooth pillows and soft throws create warmth and make us feel at bliss.
2)  Lighting is extremely important and very influential
to the way we feel.
Although it should follow the seasons so we can feel inner
balance, at the same time it should be low to create atmosphere
and avoid introversion.
Using floor lamps, dimmers, lampshades and candles of
various shapes, sizes and colours will create the
perfect place for relaxation.
3)  Furniture should be arranged around the focal point
of the room to create friendliness or in other circumstances
to create a specific cozy corner.
4)  Various decorative objects of natural materials
(china, wood, rock, glass) should be placed on top of tables
as well as pictures to make us feel at home.
5)  Books with colourful covers arranged neatly
create sophistication.
6)  Artwork on most walls create cosiness and atmosphere.
7)  Carpets with warm colours (Persian and Turkish
are my choice) create a visual warmth.
8)  Sounds we like make us feel comfortable.




The Aromatic Home:


Aromas balance our emotions and nurture our souls.
They make our home a desirable place to be.

1)  Cut flowers in vases bring life and colour.
2)  Blooming plants in pots bring light and pleasure.
3)  Green floor plants pour oxygen and keep the atmosphere healthy.
4)  Fragrant dry flowers in baskets bring beauty and give energy.
5)  Citrus fresh fruits in bowls lift the spirits.
6)  Scented candles encourage intimacy.
7)  Aromatic oils can have: Uplifting, Relaxing,
Calming or Energising effect depending on the oil used.
(Rose, Lavender, Chamomile, Rosemary)




The Colourful Home:


The colours around have a strong effect on us
physically and psychologically.
Coloured rooms are very pleasant and inviting.

1)  Red relates to the Physical: Invigorating and stimulating,
it is the ideal colour for rooms of activity and entertainment.
2)  Blue relates to the Intellect: Calming and spiritual, it is
the ideal colour for bathrooms.
3)  Yellow relates to the Emotions: Stability, intelligence and
wisdom, it is the ideal colour for kitchens.
4)  Green relates to Balance: Restful and reducing stress, it is
the ideal colour for bathrooms and bedrooms.
5)  Pink relates to Intimacy: Pleasure and positive loving
feelings, it is the ideal colour for bedrooms.
6)  Orange relates to Energy: Communication and ambition,
it is the ideal colour for dining rooms and kitchens.
7)  Accentuating only one of the walls in the room while
keeping the others in softer colour, also creates an exciting image.

Certainly colours are highly individual and relate to our personalities.





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