Inner Goddess!


Hi there!


Izy walked towards the Bar, sat on a stool keeping
her left well defined leg on the floor and ordered her
favourite Reserve Brandy.
As always, she was dressed for the occasion…..

The way we dress is a celebration of our creativity and spirit as
mature and wise women.
Think young and be unpredictable.

Over 45 we must choose between our face and our backside:
the thinner we are, the older our face will look;
because fat plumps out wrinkled and sagging skin.


By the time we reach our fifties we already know who we are,
and we have developed our own basic style of dressing.
This is our personal fashion signature, and we should
always shop and dress accordingly, and never change it.


My own style is a combination of Classic,
Natural and Dramatic styles.
I like colours and fitted clothes.
For me, it has always been like this since I
developed it in my twenties.
I don’t like changes, and it suits my body shape very well.


Here are some examples of my wardrobe for you.
I believe every woman should have at least one piece of
most of these items in her wardrobe.






1)     Fashion sheep skin jacket – modern, warm and convenient
2)     Leather vest — on top of casual light clothing
3)     Pencil skirt — smart occasions
4)     Blazer — classic appearance
5)     Silk blouse — classic appearance
6)     Knit cardigan — sporty and warm
7)     Quilted jacket — for every day use
8)    Light sweater — for every day use
9)    Night dress — dramatic for special occasions
10)  Stylish fitness trouser suit — classic appearance
11)   Stylish fitness skirt suit — classic appearance
12)  Jean jacket — youthful, modern and convenient
13)  Polo neck tops — flattering and convenient
14)  Rain coat — useful at all times
15)  Fur jacket — dramatic for special occasions
16)  Cotton short sleeve tops — summer time convenient
17)   Stretch tops — youthful, modern and convenient
18)  Lace top — dramatic for special occasions
19)  Sequinned top — dramatic for special occasions
20)  Long coat — winter time convenient
21)   White trousers — clean summer appearance
22)  Sports trousers — for every day use
23)  Hip-hop jeans — youthful, modern and convenient


Dress_CLeather Coat_C













1)   Silk scarf — classic appearance
2)   Woollen scarf — winter accompaniment
3)   Lace bra — feminine and sexy
4)   Sport bra — comfort and support
5)   Woollen socks — winter convenience
6)   Male watch — stylish and youthful
7)   Diamond earrings — for special occasions
8)   Silver bracelets — modern, smart and youthful
9)   Leather bracelets — modern and youthful
10) Silver rings — very flattering
11)  Silver neck chain with cross — permanent accessory
12)  Pearl necklaces — smart appearance, light the face
13)  Sports shoes — comfort and support
14)  Leather boots — winter accompaniment
15)  Delicate heels — smart dressing
16)  Hats — various situations, clothes and weather

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