Giant Panda!


Hi there!


I like the giant panda.
It has a beautiful black and white fur and a very cute face.

It really is the best looking and most cuddly bear.
I have two panda toys here to look and to hold, whenever I feel.


My Two Pandas

My Two Pandas

I am an ardent supporter of vitamins and minerals.
I take many daily for over 15 years now.

Although we take most of the nutrition our bodies need
from the foods we eat every day, as we age we absorb less
nutrients from our food sources.
On top of that our body’s needs are increased due to our
modern life’s physical and mental stresses.

My main purpose is Anti-ageing and Health, not necessarily Longevity.

I take a lot of Vitamin C;   that is 4000mg from supplements plus food.
I am a driven perfectionist by character, and that is causing me a lot of stress.
I believe I do need it.

Our bodies do not make vitamin C, so we have to take
from external sources daily.

It is a very safe vitamin.
It is water soluble, a strong anti-oxidant, an anti-bacterial,
anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory agent.


Vitamin C is very good for:


(a)  Stress and Anxiety problems, since it helps our
adrenal glands to cope better.
(b)  Colds, not because it can stop them or prevent them
but it helps so we do not develop further complications.
(c)  Skin Ageing, because it affects our cells and assists in
the formation of collagen;
consequently our skin has less wrinkles and dryness.
(d)  Eyes, to function properly.
(e)  Heart problems, because it ensures our blood vessels
dilate properly and lowers high blood pressure.
(f)  Gout, because it lowers uric acid levels.
(g)  Cancer, for lower risk.
(h)  Stroke, for lower risk.

I also take a high potency Vitamin B complex;
that is 50mg from supplements plus food.

B vitamins are a group of water-soluble vitamins,
which exist in the same foods and work together.

They are not stored in the body so we have to take them regularly.


B Vitamins are very good for:


(a)  Metabolism, because they convert foods into glucose,
and glucose into energy.
(b)  Nervous System, for the functioning of the adrenals
and the brain.
(c)  Immune System, to protect us against diseases.
(d)  Digestion, for breaking down the foods we eat.
(e)  Skin, Hair, Nails, Muscles, for cell production
resulting in the good health of these.




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