Lazy Sunday!


Hi there!


Sunday is this day of the week I don’t like at all.
Everything is closed;   people and services don’t work;
nothing much is happening.

When I was living in Greece by the sea, I used to go
for walks to the marina and looked at the boats.
It was really very interesting to watch the various
people looking after their boats, others talking to the
fishermen about their previous night’s catch and
others were sitting leisurely in the cafes gossiping.

Here in the cold UK everything is so “dead” comparatively.

Some days I feel more active and I do more.
Today I have decided to make a cake.
This is a very tasty and healthy cake full of nutrition
and the perfect accompaniment to tea.


A view of the marina

A view of the marina

The Cake

250gr      Organic wholegrain spelt flour (easily digestible fibre, protein, vitamins)
2 tsp         Baking powder
50gr         Dark muscovado sugar (unrefined, less processed, minerals)
125gr       Organic extra virgin coconut oil (vitamins, minerals)
5                Organic large eggs (protein, vitamins, minerals)
2 tbsp      Shredded unsweetened coconut
100ml     Pure coconut milk
1tbsp       White rum
Organic pure butter for greasing the tin


50gr Chopped pistachios (vitamins, minerals, unsaturated fat)
Unsweetened blueberry jam (best antioxidant fruit, high fibre content)


Coconut tea cake.With pistachio topping

Coconut tea cake.
With pistachio topping

1. Weigh the flour and mix it well with the baking powder in a bowl.
2. Separate the 5 eggs placing the 5 yolks in a bowl and the 5 whites in another bowl.
3. Beat the egg whites with a mixer to a meringue.
4. Beat the sugar with the softened coconut oil until creamy in a big bowl.
5. Add the 5 egg yolks and continue beating until very well mixed.
6. Add the coconut milk, shredded coconut and rum, and continue beating until very well mixed.
7. Add tablespoons of the flour while beating until all flour is finished.
8. Finally add the meringue a little at a time and mix very well after each addition.
9. Check that cake has a nice soft consistency.
10. Grease a round cake tin with the butter.
11. Turn the mixture into the tin.
12. Bake in the oven at 200C until it is golden brown, 30 min or so.
When it is cooked, remove from the oven, place it on a wire rack to cool down.
Then remove the tin around the cake and place the cake on a covered serving dish.
1. Cover the surface of the cake with the unsweetened jam.
2. Cover the jam with the chopped pistachios.
Cut triangular pieces, place on a desert plate and enjoy..!





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